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‘Real culprits behind Sylhet bomb blast to be traced out soon’

Wednesday May 26 2004 00:21:38 AM BDT

Information Minister M Shamsul Islam on Tuesday hoped that real culprits behind the Sylhet bomb blast that killed three people and injured the British High Commissioner would be traced out soon, reports UNB.

“It’s a deplorable incident… It has really tarnished the image of the country,” he said during a meeting with members of the Overseas Correspondents Association Bangladesh (OCAB) at the national Press Club.

Islam said, “The matter is being dealt with utmost seriousness and urgency. Law-enforcers are pursuing the case and we hope real culprits will be traced out.”

The Minister requested the overseas correspondents to help brighten the image of Bangladesh abroad through their positive reports and writings, as he said there are many things good happening here.

“Your pen is very powerful and use this powerful weapon to project the correct image of the nation,” he said, adding that alongside floods, diseases and disaster, Bangladesh has success stories as well.

In reply to a question, Islam said he would check if the Prime Minister or the Home Minister had issued any order for the arrest of ‘Bangla Bhai’, a self-styled crusader against so-called outlaws.

He said the government is seriously trying to improve law and order, which he thinks is a social problem too in an overpopulated country like Bangladesh.

Asked about autonomy for state-owned radio and television, he said the government would certainly implement its election pledge and see how it could be done.

Asked about new private TV channels, the Minister, who took over the charge of Information Ministry recently, said he would see if it needs changing existing rules and policy guidelines.

Replying to a question about the restrictions on airing Bangladeshi private TV-channel programmes in India, he said the government would take the matter seriously. “If necessary, we may have to change laws to ensure two-way flow of news and programmes.”

The Information Minister also assured resolving problems facing some overseas correspondents in covering national and international events here as well as sending footage through satellite.

OCAB president Mokhlesur Rahman Chowdhury presided over the briefing while general secretary Shamim Ahmad gave vote of thanks.



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