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Grand Azad Hotel-Ratnagarva Ma 2005 Award for 27 mothers

Thursday August 04 2005 08:32:01 AM BDT

Twenty-seven mothers received Grand Azad Hotel-Ratnagarva Ma 2005 Award at the Grand Azad Hotel yesterday from Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Barrister Moudud Ahmed.

State Minister for the Ministry of Education A. N. M. Ehsanul Hoque Milon was present as special guest at the award giving ceremony which was also addressed by Chairman and Managing Director of Azad Group of Companies.

Terming that ‘there is no alternative to talent’ Barrister Moudud Ahmed said, "This government has given special priority on education and has initiated Food for Education programme that ultimately has become role models for many developing countries."

Adding that girls were specially chosen because ‘the return of investment in women is better than that in men,’ he said adding, "even if a girl completes class four or five her children have a better chance to pursue higher education."

In this connection he mentioned that the government had spent Tk 900 crore on stipends and had kept provisions for scholarships to be given to some additional 10,000 women in the current budget.

To the award winning mothers, he said, "We as a nation feel proud for you who had given birth and had taken the pain of raring these talented kids."

Ehsanul Hoque Milon said, "When it comes to the question of children no matter what your social status is whether you be a rickshawpuller, a beggar or a rich, we all care the same way and nobody knows who will become ‘Ratnagarva.’"

In between the speeches little girl Promiti with her amazing voice captivated the audience with the song ‘Mayer moto apon keho nai.’

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter of Abul Kalam Azad, Tanjida Azad Labanya in her speech said that fathers should be honoured as well because like mothers their support is also necessary and they do a very vital thing, i.e., ‘they earn money.’"

She announced, "in gratitude to my father, I will initiate three awards especially for fathers titled ‘My Wonderful Father’ from next year."

The names of the 27 Ratnagarva are late Shiria Begum, Begum Ershadunnesa, Dr. Manjusri Roy, Begum Selima Ahmed, Rahima Begum, Begum Rahima Khatun Bhuiya, Begum Taiyeba Nur, Begum Faozia Rahman, Monjila Begum, Begum Saleha Idris, Begum Gulshan Ara Aktar, Begum Sharifa Aziz Chowdhury, Mosammat Rowshan Ara Begum, Mosammat Saida Khanum, Syeda Rowshan Ara, Begum Lutfunnahar, Begum Badrunnesa Abdullah, Begum Asia Ahmed, Begum Momtaj Rashid, Sufia Sultana, Begum Arfanun Nesa, Momtaj Begum, Begum Ashrafunnesa, Begum Shahida Siddiq, Sufia Begum, Rowshan Ara Begum and Ayesha Aktar Khanum.


The Independent

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