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Ruling alliance candidate wins-Sunamganj by-poll

Thursday July 21 2005 08:31:53 AM BDT

July 20: Ruling alliance candidate Maulana Shahinur Pasha Chowdhury won the Sunamganj-3 by-election in a close contest in the polling held today.

Unofficial results showed Maulana Pasha bagged 42,944 votes while his nearest rival independent candidate M.A. Mannan got 38,875 votes.

Post-election violence in the evening left 30 people injured, seven of them were admitted to Sunamganj sadar hospital.

Witnesses said supporters of rival candidates in Patharia and Gazinagar villages of sadar upazila engaged in the clash over a victory procession. Both sides used sticks and brickbats. Tension was prevailing in the area.

The parliamentary seat fell vacant at the death of elderly Awami League leader Abdus Samad Azad. As in the past Awami league boycotted the by-election, but quietly lent support to Mannan.

Voting was held peacefully under tight security measures. The turnout was relatively low due to inclement weather.



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