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Khaleda seeks support of ulema to maintain peace in society

Monday July 04 2005 07:50:06 AM BDT

Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia yesterday sought cooperation of the Islamic scholars (ulema) to continue the trend of development and prosperity under the leadership of four-party alliance government and maintain peace and stability in society.

She also called upon them to remain alert and united against various malicious propagandas being spread against the country in foreign lands.

The Prime Minister was talking to a delegation of the country’s eminent Islamic scholars at her office here this afternoon. Begum Zia appreciated the role of the ulema in upholding the tradition of communal harmony and urged them to remain vigilant so that none can create any uproar in the country centering the issue of Ahmadiyyas or any other religious community, using the name of Islam or the ulama.

Members of the ulema delegation said Islam does not permit creation of chaos and sensation in society over any excuse. They assured the Prime Minister of all cooperation and suggested her to be stringent against any breach of peace. Members of the Ulema delegation included the four-party alliance leader Shaikhul Hadis Allama Azizul Haq, Maulana Ahmed Shafi Hathazari, Mufti Fazlul Haq Amini, MP, Mufti Muhammad Wakkas, MP, Mufti Shahidul Islam, MP, Khatib of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque Maulana Obaidul Haq, Maulana Muhiuddin Khan, Qaumi Madrasa Education Board Secretary General Maulana Abdul Jabbar, Maulana Ashraf Ali, Maulana Noon Hossain Quashemi, Maulana Ruhul Amin Gauhardanga, Maulana Sultan Zayok, Maulana Anwar Shah Kishorganj, Maulana Yusuf Nezami Bogra, Maulana Abul Fattah Mohammad Yahiya, Maulana Nurul Islam Khilgaon and Maulana Mahbub.

State Minister for Religious Affairs Mosharef Hossain Shahjahan and Prime Minister’s Political Secretary Harris Chowdhury were present.

The Islamic scholars drew the attention of the Prime Minister towards offering government recognition to the education and certificates of Qaumi madrasas.

The Prime Minister said a decision would be taken in this regard after examining the existing systems in other countries, including the neighbouring ones, with the coordination of the ministries for education and religious affairs. Begum Zia said the country’s madrasa education should be made time-befitting and the curriculum prepared keeping pace with the present world so that the students can groom up as qualified and efficient for different professions.

Stressing the need for modernisation of madrasa education, she suggested teaching of English, science, mathematics and computer education in madrasas.

She also suggested that all the Qaumi madrasas be brought under a single education board.

In the course of discussion, the Islamic scholars narrated the repression the ulama community had to undergo during the party regime.

They referred to some of the incidents of bloodshed in mosques, imposing section 144 in mosques and arrest of Islamic scholars, including elderly religious leader Shaikhul Hadis Allama Azizul Haq by the Awami League government. The Islamic scholars said the country’s ulama community would continue to be with the four-party alliance for the interest of the country, Islam and the people.

They also recalled the contribution of Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman, the architect of modern Bangladesh, to the development of Islamic Ummah.



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