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Mauritius keen to recruit manpower from Bangladesh

Tuesday March 15 2005 08:35:12 AM BDT

Mauritius, an African country, expressed keen interest in recruiting skilled manpower from Bangladesh, particularly for manning their agriculture sector.

Visiting Foreign Minister of Mauritius Joya Krishna Cuttaree MP expressed the eagerness when he had a courtesy call on Prime Minister Khaleda Zia at her office yesterday afternoon.

Khaleda stressed on importing more skilled manpower from Bangladesh, particularly physicians and engineers. She mentioned that some Bangladeshi people are now working in Mauritius.

As the matter of making the World Trade Organisation more effective was discussed in the meeting, Joya sought support of Bangladesh to Mauritius candidature for the post of Director General of the WTO.

"Bangladesh will give due close consideration to the request," it was stated in the meeting.

In 1978, former Mauritius Prime Minister Sir S Ram Goolam visited Bangladesh when there was a fruitful meeting with Shaeed President Ziaur Rahman, according to an official.

Bangladesh and Mauritius are enjoying excellent bilateral relations, working in close cooperation at various international forums.

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia emphasised on increasing trade and commerce between the two countries and importing more goods, particularly pharmaceuticals, from Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister both emphasized the need for forming joint chamber of commerce as well as intensifying relations, mainly in cultural affairs, and economic and tourism sectors, through exchange of experiences and signing agreements.

South-South cooperation—interaction among the developing nations—also came under focus at the talks. Mauritius is going to arrange a conference on tsunami where Bangladesh has been invited.

The Mauritius Foreign Minister requested expansion of access of students from his country to education in the Universities of Bangladesh at their own expense. The Prime Minister gave an assurance in this regard.

The visiting FM conveyed the greetings of their Prime Minister to Begum Zia, and she reciprocated through him.

PM’s Principal Secretary Dr Kamaluddin Siddiqui, Foreign Secretary Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury and Delhi-based Mauritius High Commissioner Mrs U Dwarka-Canabady were present.

Bangladesh and Mauritius yesterday agreed to strike a deal in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formulise the existing cooperation in the field of manpower export to the island-state.

The two sides also showed interest in examining the possibility of establishing direct air links between Bangladesh and Mauritius.

The agreement was reached at official talks between Mauritius Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Regional Cooperation Jaya Krishna Cuttaree MP and Bangladesh Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan at State Guest House Padma.

They also discussed regional and international issues of common interest.

After the meeting, the Mauritius foreign Minister told reporters that he had a "very fruitful meeting" with his Bangladesh counterpart and hoped that the cooperation between the two countries as well as South-South cooperation would strengthen as a result.

A Foreign Ministry press release said Jaya, who came here Sunday night, yesterday visited the mazar of Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman and paid homage to the late leader.


The Independent / UNB, DHAKA

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