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Mittal Group plans to build Satellite Town in Chittagong

Wednesday June 11 2008 09:54:35 AM BDT

Tushar Hayat . Chittagong

British business conglomerate, Mittal Group, is planning to set up a satellite town on the shoreline stretching from Patenga to Fauzderhat in Chittagong involving Tk 47 thousand crore.(The New Age BD)

Sources in Chittagong Development Authority said a two-member delegation of Mittal Group, headed by its vice-chairman Rajesh Dixit, discussed different aspects of the envisaged project with the CDA chairman and senior officials of the housing and establishment and commerce ministries.

The delegation had also visited the site thrice to assess the feasibility of the project to be implemented under build-operate-transfer system after reclaiming 6,000 acres of land into the Bay of Bengal.

The ambitious township project will have a residential block for high-ranking officials, five commercial blocks, five industrial zones, two IT villages, a five-star hotel, a garbage treatment plant, a water treatment plant and an independent power generation unit.

The CDA sources said the layout includes a health zone comprising golf course, playground, two amusement parks, a fire service station, green belt, a fishermen colony with a cold storage and a jetty.

The city protection embankment stretching from Shah Amanat International Airport to Fauzderhat would be turned into a four-lane road after increasing its height by three metres for easy access to the township, sources added.

The CDA chairman, Shah Mohammed Akhteruddin, said they were optimistic about the proposal as Mittal has experience of setting up such township in Bulgaria, Spain and Abu Dhabi.

‘If implemented, the project will change the scenario of the port city,’ he said, adding that they were putting priority on foreign investment for the development of the city instead of taking up projects on their own.

He also said the proposal in this regard had not yet been made but the Mittal Group was communicating with the government high-ups to implement the envisaged proje


The New Age BD

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