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Truth Commission to be set up to bring corrupt businessmen to justice : Mainul

Thursday October 04 2007 00:12:17 AM BDT

The government is considering setting up a truth commission to bring corrupt businessmen to justice as part of which they will admit their faults and be allowed to run their business smoothly without let or hindrance.(The BD Today)

Besides, the government is also considering reducing the punishment of those businessmen who will admit their faults.

This was stated by Law Adviser Mainul Hosein while briefing newsmen at the secretariat on Wednesday.

Following the government drive against corruption, the businessmen are passing through fear and apprehension, pushing the business activities to a stand still, the law adviser said, adding if such a situation continues, it will be counter-productive.

Before the proposed truth commission, the businessmen can admit their faults and after examining the faults of the businessmen, the commission can fine them or confiscate their property, without sending them behind bars.

He said that to establish a truth commission, the government will have to formulate a new law.

BSS adds: Barrister Mainul Hosein said, the government is considering constituting a Truth Commission for widening scopes of ‘plea bargain’ for the corrupt businessmen so that the nature of punishment could be altered after confession.

This can be done to boost the economy so that the business activities are not hampered in the country, he said.

Businessmen informed that they were in panic and could not render their business services in the way that they were required to do, the adviser said adding, it is rule of law to bring corrupts under justice and the corrupt, either a politician or a businessman, is a corrupt. But it is not wise to consider all crimes in the same way, he told the newsmen.

The adviser said, the great task of the present caretaker government is to consolidate democracy and restore good governance in the country through holding a general election and the government is attaching highest priority to ensure honest and transparent politics.

To achieve this target, he said, the government has to keep country’s economic activities active and ensure generation of income for the common people.

The adviser said, the business leaders want trial of corrupt traders but they made appeals for altering the nature of their punishment. He said, the practice of reconciliation is seen in many countries after a big change and keeping in mind this view, the government is thinking widening the scope of plea bargain and change the nature of punishment for corrupt businessmen.


The BD Today

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