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Biman escapes possible crash-landing in Chittagong

Monday July 09 2007 01:03:47 AM BDT

CHITTAGONG, July 8: A DC-10 flight of Bangladesh Biman, carrying 240 passengers and crew from Dubai, escaped a possible crash just before landing at Shah Amanat International Airport here Sunday, reports UNB.

Airport sources said the wheel-box of the flight (BG-048) went out of order as the hydroelectric chamber of the flight leaked just before its landing at about 12:50pm.

The pilot of the Dubai-Chittagong-Dhaka flight failed to open its wheel-box when the aircraft was flying 1600 feet above the ground. The pilot then kept the aircraft flying for about 50 minutes and managed to open the wheelbox through


The aircraft then landed safely at about 1:40pm, the airport sources said.

Of the 216 stranded passengers, 23 Dhaka-bound people were waiting at the airport while 193 others left the airport for their homes in Chittagong.

Airport sources said the stranded flight was scheduled to leave Shah Amanat International Airport with 156 Dubai-bound passengers at 2pm for Dhaka. But the flight could not fly, as its wheelbox was not working well yet.

The flight was scheduled to leave for Dubai again via Dhaka this (Sunday) evening with some more passengers from the capital.

The authorities concerned, according to the sources, were trying to bring back another DC-10 flight from Kuala Lumpur for carrying the stranded passengers to Dubai.

“There could have been a disaster had the hydroelectric chamber blasted in the sky,” said an airport source.

Meanwhile, a team of engineers, led by Chief Engineer Anwar Hossain, was trying to find out the reasons behind the sudden glitches in the wheel-box


UNB/ The News Today

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